We will be answering the phones Tuesday-Friday 10:00-2:00 to help anyone we are working with still.

As the hands of the clock gracefully advance towards the end of an era, we find ourselves reflecting on the years spent being included in your life’s most treasured moments. It is with a blend of joy and nostalgia that we announce that, as of this Saturday, Harold Jaffe Jewelers will be closing. It will be a day filled with both reflection and anticipation for the future.

We invite you to our final event – an auction featuring 150 carefully selected pieces. However, all our remaining jewelry will be available for purchase until then. You can preview some of the auction items https://www.haroldjaffe.com/live-jewelery-auction/, but do remember, they might find new homes before Saturday!

From selecting meaningful gifts for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to show you care, every choice made in our store was about more than just jewelry – it was about celebrating and cherishing life’s most precious moments. We’ve been honored to play a part in your engagement stories – the plans, the joy, the unforgettable tales, and the precious photographs. These memories are treasures we will carry with us forever.

In reflecting on these years, the joy and honor we’ve felt in serving you have truly been beyond words. From the smallest repair to the most significant purchases, each interaction has been a chapter in a story we’ve cherished. Never once have we taken your trust for granted. In a world brimming with choices, we are profoundly grateful that you chose to share your moments with us.

As we turn the page, Jeff and Laurie will soon embark on a well-deserved retirement filled with travel, family time, and joyous moments with Cooper. Ivan and Michelle, meanwhile, are contemplating their next steps, with the potential sale of our buildings playing a significant role in their decisions. Their daughters believe it’s too early for ‘retirement’ talks, so the future holds exciting unknown opportunities.

We also want to recognize our other family – the staff who have worked tirelessly to help us through long hours of arranging, managing, repairing, and creating the beautiful things we’ve done for all of you through the years.

All of us will still be working behind the scenes on repairs and the custom designs currently in process. We promise to dedicate the coming few months to catching up with insurance evaluations for all the beautiful pieces purchased recently. Rest assured, we will be in touch soon with more details about managing your future jewelry needs.

In closing, for now, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Loving what we do has been easy because of you. Being part of your special moments has been a blessing to all of us.

With warmest regards and treasured memories,

The Jaffe Family
Jeff, Laurie, Ivan, and Michelle

If you need to get in touch with us, the current phone number will still be in service, and you can contact us through our first [email protected] for the foreseeable future.